Friday, 12 March 2010


Rather than disfiguring the previous post with audio clips, here they are instead. While it may be fitting that only a limited amount of the particular recordings Hubert Gregg played can be found on youtube, it does mean I can't present the lovely version I heard of Have You Met Miss Jones - and I don't even know who sang it. This version, which cannot be embedded here, is definitely not the recording played on Thanks For the Memory around the early eighties, as it lacks the beautiful verse, but the tempo seems roughly the same. Read about the song's original context here.

 The one performance by Hubert Gregg himself which seems available on youtube is not necessarily his best and the audio does not do justice to what I presume is Gordon Langford's piano. But here it is anyway.

Hubert Gregg - Someone to Love:

Jack Buchanan - Goodnight Vienna:

Hutch - Begin the Beguine:

Whispering Jack Smith - Miss Annabelle Lee:

Hutch - The Way You Look Tonight:

Layton and Johnstone - Way Down Yonder in New Orleans:

Turner Layton - These Foolish Things:

Finally, the song which inspired the programme's title (although the actual theme, during my time of listening anyway, was Time Was) in its original context in a WC Fields film. It's a perfect little playlet, so combining theatre and music and film and therefore an ideal summation of what Hubert Gregg was all about:

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