Saturday, 15 May 2010

Fisk Jubilee Singers radio play alert

Only caught the last twenty minutes of this so will refrain from detailed comment but am posting this to alert people to this play, The Jubilee Singers, which will be available on the BBC Radio 4 website, here, for one week, ie until 22nd May. It was written by the late Adrian Mitchell and originally intended for the theatre. All the background you need is in the above link although there is a more detailed account, here, of why it wasn't produced onstage as intended.

All I will say for the moment is that it felt like there was a missing dimension: you could imagine how much the presence of the singers onstage for the whole time would have added. But more of this later.

It was directed by Marilyn Imrie, whose name has become enshrined (for me) in the phrase "Marilyn liked it," after another producer had put forward my radio play about a doo wop singer without otherwise exciting any interest - or, more to the point, development money. I still plan to make a recording of it, even it counts as a vanity project. And all I can say about it with reasonable certainty is that if you have chosen to read the posts here (rather than scouring the pages for non-existent downloads then exiting in disgust) you will probably get something from it.

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