Sunday, 31 October 2010

Gnome Thoughts ... 26 (Private Hopper, public Craddock)

Below is one of the few clips from Lipstick On Your Collar currently available on youtube, though I don't know how long for, so hurry.

It's a fantasy of Hopper's some time before the unfortunate business in the 2i's Coffee Bar: he has been briefly introduced to the one he thinks is The One, though they haven't yet talked or gone out together, let alone discussed The Seagull.

But that first fleeting encounter is enough for him to fashion her into a key worshipper at the shrine of Hopper-as-Craddock: "Maybe you should take a cold shower," as the girl's uncle, interrupting this ill-advised workplace reverie, suggests.

Quite a lot of the music clips from Lipstick On Your Collar have been blocked, although in addition to Channel 4's own website there is a kind of Channel 4 annexe on youtube, here, where you can watch complete episodes provided you endure a few ads.

Alternatively, if the above has whetted your appetite for Gene Vincent-related theatrical experiences, why not pop down to Theatre Royal, Stratford East, where you can watch Reasons To Be Cheerful until 13th November?

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