Saturday, 8 December 2012

Ian Whitcomb

If you were turned on to Ian Whitcomb as a result of reading an earlier entry in this blog - or even if you've just alighted in search of information about him -  then you may be concerned to know that he is currently recovering from a stroke: details on the ukelelia site here. Luckily he and his wife Regina were at a restaurant two blocks from a hospital when it happened and Regina recognised the symptoms. He has already resumed broadcasting - I've just been listening to the second part of his Before the Beatles show - but get well cards can be sent to PO Box 451, Altadena, CA. 91001.

The link to his main page is here. From there you can download podcasts, buy merchandise, read his monthly newsletter etc. That eminent fartologist and rock'n'roll expert Jim Dawson will be on the next show.

My initial post about Ian's show can be found here. I don't blog about him on a regular basis but my remarks stand and I've continued to download and enjoy his shows since that entry. Delights on Before the Beatles Pt 2 include several Orbison classics plus Ian's own tangoised version of Pretty Woman, a great lesser-Fats Domino number called Before I Grow Too Old, Elvis's version of Leiber and Stoller's Fools Fall in Love, recorded earlier by the McPhatter-era Drifters. (The version I like - by Ruby Turner on the Tribute to Leiber and Stoller DVD, recorded at Hammersmith Apollo in 2001, is not on youtube but I must see if I can rectify that.)

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