Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Those Bad Cabaret Medleys in full ...

Thanks to audacity (the software, I mean) those of you wondering how those mooted clubland medleys in the Christmas quiz might sound can hear for yourselves, as they have been uploaded to soundcloud - links below.

In the interests of strict authenticity, these ought to have been assembled from nightclub performances of the individual songs. But that would have added an extra layer of difficulty to the process, and I abhor wasting time. So if you do take up the challenge of listening, pretend you're hearing the component songs being performed less well - except, of course, in Ringo's case, where the reverse applies.

Quite a tricky business, actually, getting the perfect blend so that you feel like you're listening to a single piece of music. Think I got closest in the first medley, where the voices of the Righteous Brothers swell up as though to offer redemption to Ringo, and then, almost as quickly, there's Morris Albert popping up to quell the bogus siblings' anguish. Truly a rollercoaster of emotions which you are cordially invited to board. If you dare.

The other two medleys as presented here don't quite gel in the same way - afraid my rudimentary grasp of audacity wasn't up to the task of making them perfect. But the main point is, for any clubland singers out there, here are the tools - now you finish the job. If you dare. Any evidence, via youtube or soundcloud or whatever, of any, or all three, of these medleys being essayed in what other people call the "real" world will be gratefully received.

 Medley One - click here

"I'm sorry that I doubted you, I was so unfair, you were in a car crash and you lost that lovin' feelings, nothing more than feelings."

Medley Two - click here

 "He rattled his maracas close to me, in no time I was trembling at the need somebody to lean on the road again."

Medley Three - click here

"Suddenly you love me and my eyes are open why did you do it, why did you do that thing to meet on the ledge, we're gonna meet on the ledge, when my time is up I'm gonna see all my friends - playin' cross the river."

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