Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The AMAZING Tale of the Macca from the East (from Bizarre Beatles Coincidences)

                                                                                                 Ah, go on, give us a go ...

Yes, there are still many AMAZING Beatles stories to tell, and they can all be found in my forthcoming book, Bizarre Beatles Coincidences. 

You can, for example, read about how Cilla Black's real name inspired the title of a Beatles album ... or did it?

But it's another curious tale I have to tell in this post, a mish-mash of coincidences and unlikely events coalescing. I call it ...

The AMAZING Tale of the Macca from the East

 "The sitar's alright as a living, George, but you'll never make a hobby at it."

Yes, this remark of John's Aunt Mimi is already enshrined in Beatle lore. That much, at least, is beyond dispute.

What is less well known, however, is that George subsequently developed a *serious* interest in the instrument to the extent of attempting to play it on a couple of Beatles records - Love You To and Norwegian Wood.

But where did this hitherto unknown passion of George's come from? Some ascribe it to an Indian sitar player, a gaffe which has been repeated in book after book. 

The roots, however, are deeper than that. Or are they? You decide, when I reveal for the first time that one of Paul's favourite Eddie Cochran numbers is ... Sittin' on the Balcony. 

 So what? you might say. But it's only a small step from there to mispronounce, or mishear, that as "Sitaring on the Balcony" - proof positive that it was actually Macca who kindled George's love for Eastern music.

More AMAZING tales next time. 


  1. Who said sitar is dead? Who said Paul is dead? Actually, O.P.D. stood for Orrell Park Dancehall in Liverpool where The Beatles played several times.
    'Johnny Dee' is John D. Loudermilk but Johnny Lee (Lennon) asked the audience sitting in the balcony to clap and the downstairs mob to 'raffle' their jewellery and give the money to the poor. Imagine that.

  2. Very good! Just had a listen to John D Loudermilk's version, which is pretty good. And it wasn't the only instance of milk playing an eerily significant part in the Beatles' lives ... think I feel another AMAZING coincidence coming on ... look out for the next post ....

  3. When John Lennon and Brian Epstein went on holiday together to Spain, Lennon noticed how white Brian's legs and calves were. So he picked up a guitar and began to sing 'Milk-cow Calves Blues' This was first recorded by Kokomo Arnold under a similar title and by Elvis as 'Milk Cow Blues.' Later, Mrs Thatcher became infamous for snatching milk away from growing children in schools. Several rock stars wrote songs about her after they missed out on their milk-none of them complimentary. 'Milk Monitor Blues' was rumoured to be the working title for a 'super-group' album but it is still locked in the vaults due to legal wrangles over the use of suggestive sucking sounds throughout reminiscent of the original 'Milk Cow Calf's Blues.'

  4. Astonishing! Not sure I can compete, but more Bizarre Beatles Coincidences just as soon as I make 'em up - I mean, type up my spidery notes.