Tuesday, 13 August 2013

"To you, Murray ..". the ASTONISHING tale of Macca's embargo in more Bizarre Beatles Coincidences (buy the book)

Some more BIZARRE and ASTONISHING coincidences from my forthcoming book. Murray the K, as everybody knows, was the fifth Beatle, contributing to many of their records. But how well did Paul McCartney get on with him? 

Not very, is the answer which can now be revealed. It may already be self-evident from that scowl in the image above but if you are still in any doubt listen closely to the Novello Award-winning song All Together Now from the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. Macca sings "EFGHIJ, I love you," but STOPS before K! 

Coincidence? I think NOT. 

Also on the Yellow Submarine album, George Harrison attempted to acknowledge the DJ on a composition of his own but was prevented from completing the provocative expression of his good wishes by an incensed Macca. George's intended words, prefacing the song It's All Too Much, were to have been: "To you, Murray!", but McCartney angrily seized his guitar after the utterance of Harrison's third syllable and the feedback which ensued as a result of the struggle between the two bandmates was kept in the master recording in order to disguise the sounds of a physical scuffle which would have betrayed the tension in the band (a bit like Phil Spector's strings on The Long and Winding Road covered Lennon's bass playing, only the anti-Macca band member was a bit less passive-aggressive on this occasion).

So now when you watch the Let It Be documentary and hear George saying to Paul, "I'll play whatever you want me to play, or I won't play if you don't want me to play," you know the real reason behind George's apparent sulkiness. It is the sound of a man deeply hurt by the persistent thwarting of his DJ-acknowledging intentions.

Or is it? You decide. More amazing revelations soon, but not too many, as I want you to buy the book. 

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