Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Yes, despite that drubbing by that OFSTED-type body (see previous post) I have decided to battle on until this blog is forcibly removed from the net. And what better way of doing so than the annual Pismotality Christmas Quiz? It's like a Round Britain Quiz in which the contestants actually know something about popular music ... so not like a Round Britain Quiz at all, really, then. And it was a bit too hard to produce questions which were all in that style, so it's a bit of a hybrid. But if you have elected to read this blog then you will know what to expect - and that's fun with a small "f". Let it begin ...

1 What name links Golden Teardrops with a very specific wake-up call by way of a Merseybeat band?

2 "One mint julep was the cause of it all." Yes, yes, we all know it's the Clovers, nobody's impressed, shut up. 

What I was going to ask - no, really, wait a minute, I've got it - was the name of the 70s rites of passage song with cringe-making rhymes and a fourteen year age gap between the two main characters in which that drink also features?

3 "It's just my job, five days a week." 

"A five minute break is all you take" 

"He's been workin' and slavin' his life away." 

Name these labour-intensive songs and the artists.

4 "You're always window shopping but never stopping to buy" 

"Stand in the mirror and dig yourself" 

"I kept buying china until the crowd got wise." 

Identify these examples of conspicuous consumption (thwarted or otherwise). And if you have to google them you've already lost.

5 The Tremeloes, Marillion, and the Textile Display. Why might you find them all in the news?

6 Three songs about children but three separate questions to answer. 

"Mr McCann was a practical man,  [BLANK] was his only son." In what sense is this song streetwise? 

"There'd be no one there to raise them / If you did." Who penned this out of this world lyric? 

"We'll have a kid / Or maybe we'll rent one." What's the connection with Yellow Submarine?

7 "I'll tune into you, you tune into me" 

"I'm a country station, I'm a little bit corny"

"Sit you down, father. Rest you." 

Name these radio-related songs. (If the first one eludes you, use a bit of common.)

8 "And meanwhile I'm still thinking ..." Who quoted this line at the end of which song, and where you would have originally found it?

9 "I meet the man who owns the ghost train, he says 'You're just great / I'll pay you top class wages if you'll just step through this gate.' " 

"Remember a holiday in a north of England town, / You slept in a room upstairs in a bed of eiderdown." 

Can you identify the near-homophones in these song titles?

10 "Drifting like seaweed under the sea, / Like a wanderin' ship bring your love home to me." 

Identify this song. If you can, without recourse to google or anything else, you have won the quiz, even if you got everything else wrong. 

Answers will be posted on the 27th of December.

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