Saturday, 28 December 2013

Quiz Answers

Quiz answers below - the questions are in the previous post. No prizes - it's just a bit of fun. For some.

1 Faron - Faron Young recorded It's Four in the Morning ("... and once more the dawning / Just woke up the longing in me" - how specific can you get?). Faron's Flamingos were an acclaimed live Merseybeat band.

2 The older woman in Bobby Goldsboro's Summer (The First Time) "sipped on a Julep." You may remember "The sun was a demon" and "the pavement was steamin'" etc.

3 Rocket Man, Elton John; Matthew and Son, Cat Stevens; We Gotta Get Out of This Place, the Animals (written by Mann and Weil, incidentally, and incorporating a phrase from a gospel song: "Where the sun refuse to shine."

4 Georgy Girl - the Seekers; Shoppin' For Clothes - the Coasters; I Found a Million Dollar Baby - Bing Crosby et al.

5 Chip Hawkes; Fish; Peabo Bryson - frying tonight ...

6 Curly - the Move, which might call to mind Kevin Kennedy's character in the soap Coronation Street.
Rocket Man (again) - Bernie Taupin at his shoddiest.
Erich Segal, who wrote Love Story, also the title of the Randy Newman song quoted, was one of the writers of the Beatles cartoon film. And he was good at Latin too.

7 Wombling Merry Christmas; You Turn Me On (I'm a Radio) - Joni Mitchell; the extract from a radio broadcast of King Lear which ends I Am the Walrus.

8 Marc Bolan at the end of Get It On (Bang a Gong); it comes from Chuck Berry's Little Queenie. (Wonder if he was pursued as John Lennon was for Come Together's lift of You Can't Catch Me? But it doesn't sound like a direct pinch in the same way.)

9 Skeleton on the Roundabout - Idle Race; Mary Skeffington - the Humblebums.

10 Lost Lover - the Magnificents (a real oddity - a straightish-sounding country song with a guitar as dominant as the voices.)

If you are able to access Sp*tify here is a link to a playlist of available recordings from the quiz. 

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