Thursday, 25 December 2014


Hello, and welcome to my fifth annual Christmas Quiz.

This year, there is a difference. No, the questions have not been dumbed down but after a considerable number of complaints from contestants there are less of the convoluted Round Britain Quiz type questions. This does not mean the questions are any easier. DARE you try it?

Remember it's only a bit of fun. Answers will be posted in three days' time. 

[update: there is now a link to answers at the end]

1. Which troubadour proclaimed: "Love is hot, truth is Motown"?

2. What do these hits have in common; "Well I Ask You", "Breakfast on Pluto" and "I Am a Cathedral" ?

3. She was a well-known female folk singer in the late 1960s and recorded an album track/B-side entitled Fields of Sand. Who was she ?

4. Who are the illiterates:

"He never ever learnt to read or write so well / But he could play a guitar"

"Talking on the phone is not my speed, / Don't send me no letters cause I can't read"

"All the words of hurt unfold / For within my heart is the power of gold"

5. Who are the wrappers:

"I will bring you happiness, / Wrapped up in a box and tied with a yellow bow"

"Save the girls upstairs for later ... Wrap them up in Christmas paper"

"In mute and glorious cellophane / His body struts on the azure possibly 'astral'] plain"

6. Complete the title by Katz Singing Orchestral Circus: Quick Joey ...

7. What connects the leaders of the Midnighters and the Dreamers?

8. What links Liza Minnelli to the doo wop hit Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight?

9. Who wrote the theme to the film version of Porridge?

10. Who wrote the theme to the film of Till Death Us Do Part?

11. Carlene Fisher recorded an answer record entitled Alright, I Won't Take My Love to Town, Don't Go On About It. Name the original song.

12. Who wrote the musical "Oliver" as well as Cliff Richard's hit "Living Doll"?

13. Although he never had a number 1 hit, Billy Fury reached the top 3 on four occasions; name ONE of those four songs.

14. In Cliff's early tours his roadie was one Andy More. Why was he nicknamed "Love"?

15. Who did Lulu pinch Shout! from?

16. He's Very Good With His Hands. Name the composer of this obscurity.

17. Identify these canine ditties:

"Solving crime's his asset, / Which ain't too bad for a long-eared bassett"

"Old MacDonald he made us work / But he paid us for what it was worth"

"I turned around to solve this mystery / And who d'ya think was sittin' next to me?"

18. They say you shouldn't mix your drinks or drink and drive, but why do Bonaparte Shandy, Cherry Cola and unmarked cars belong together?

19. What links Happiness Is a Warm Gun, A Day in the Life and Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner?

20. What links Charlie Drake, Elia Kazan and "Auntie" Jean Morton?

Update 28th December: Answers here. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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