31 December 2009

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 31

(42/M/London, England)

Barbara Ann,

Thanks for your post. Maybe the time was about being young enough to half believe in the sentiments - it seems better to have faith in the purity of love and longing than not, even though we also need an armour against the world. Though there were some raunchy songs among the idealising, remember! Maybe this is a question for Clarke as my memories are in a different key ...

My apologies to you and other readers for the compressed (ie no paragraphs) nature of my last posting, on Golden Teardrops. I had to cut it to fit, so sorry no breathing space.

I also had to cut my suggestion that other people have a go at writing about a particular record, whether it's a few lines or paragraph-guzzling effort like the Golden Teardrops one, but I'd love to read anything like that, just focusing in on one song and saying whatever. If it's an all-time fave, thoughts should just come bubbling to the surface ... Tony

When posting originally, space was really was at a premium; layout went by the board in order to have more room in which to cram deathless insights. Because I, for one, didn't know how long each post was when I started, quite often I would be obliged to cut before the message would be accepted. Not nice to have to think like an editor when you just wanted to write more.

As that doesn't apply here, I've rearranged some longer posts by myself, and occasionally Clarke, in paragraph form, in order to make them more digestible onscreen, but I've tried to err on the side of caution. The posts can still be seen in their original form if you click the sendspace link in this blog's introduction which will take you to a pdf file of printouts - and maybe, shorn of extra notes, that's the best way to read them and feel the momentum (these posts are the product of less than two weeks).

Spelling and punctuation are such personal things that I have left them untouched except in rare cases where I judged that an error might have proven distracting for the reader. If any contributor reading this wishes to reedit their posts, please let me know. There is an email address if you click on my profile.

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