Alan Klein

Alan Klein, writer of What a Crazy World
This is a guide to posts on this blog about songwriter Alan Klein. They were originally part of a series entitled Gnome Thoughts about influences on David Bowie's songwriting. 

Alan Klein's What a Crazy World, a hit for Joe Brown, became a stage musical in 1962 and  a film the following year. His 1964 solo album, Well At Least Its British, is now available on CD and has been cited by Damon Albarn as an influence - on himself and, he suggests, Ray Davies and David Bowie.

Click here  for a concise introduction to Alan Klein and What a Crazy World. 

Click here for an overview of Alan Klein's career, based on an interview by Spencer Leigh.  There is a substantial amount about What a Crazy World.

A revised, expanded version of this entry, which will also cover Alan Klein's later theatre work, is still in the process of being prepared; please check back for further news.

Corrections and clarifications
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Well At Least Its British
Click here for a post about Alan Klein's 1964 album.

Damon Albarn
Click here to read Damon Albarn on Alan Klein's influence.

What a Crazy World 
Click here for an introduction to What a Crazy World.
 Click here for a more substantial post about the film version of What a Crazy World, tricked out with pics and song lyrics.
Click here for a clip from the film (Layabout's Lament) - scroll halfway down - and some discussion of the film missing from the previous post. 
The videocaps are taken from a ropey, off-air copy of the film; the Network release is a lot better. As is illustrated here - there is an extract from the Layabout's Lament scene.

Three Coins in the Sewer
Click here to listen to this mini-masterpiece which featured in the Joe Meek biopic Telstar.

Alan Klein is now retired but was musically active until the 1990s.  You can find what seems like a comprehensive list of his recordings and compositions up to 1970 on wikipedia.