Cheapo Cheapo Records

Click on titles below to read posts about the demise of Soho's Cheapo Cheapo Records and the stages of my grieving process:

A Wreath for Cheapo
13th January 2010

"Whether or not my place of work was in dire need of a comprehensive collection of the recordings of Rosie and the Originals was not, I have to confess, uppermost in my mind at that moment of shy, manly pride at thus being ushered into the inner sanctum."

Nowhere (to buy records) Boy

15th January 2010

Cheapo Revisited

19th January 2010

"Subjecting my battered psyche to this ordeal could only strengthen it - and I had to go into town anyway."

Cheapo Cheapo closure closure
 19 May 2010

"I have achieved a kind of closure. And it all came about from a conversation at a party (ooh, get me) on Sunday."


Cheapo - a musical tribute by Alastair Dougall
21 May 2010

" ' Closing time, Cheapo Cheapo Records, green paint peeling in the Soho rain...It's a shame no one will look through your racks again.' "

Cheapo 2008
28th May 2010

"I may have contributed to the wearing out of the floor."

Cheapo - slight return
13th June 2010

"When people talk about the guts being ripped out of a building ..."

Cheapo Cheapo's Vinyl Stock still for sale
18th June 2010
"Perhaps the Museum of London ... "

Cheapo Cheapo Records update February 2011
"Didn't have my camera, but it doesn't really matter now, does it?" 

Cheapo Gone Madd
25th February 2011

"Don't get me wrong: I endorse the consumption of fruit - at least in theory."

26th February 2011

" 'Playful, versatile and bold.' "

Non-cheapo mango
22nd March 2011

"I went right up to the back, where once the nostalgia CDs lingered."