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A series of posts discussing the Flamingos' recordings for their two earliest labels, the Chicago-based Chance and Parrot Records. Click on a title to be taken to that post.  

They are not in strict chronological order but are best read in the order in which they were written.

Flamingos # 1: Cross Over the Bridge

Flamingos # 2: That's My Desire 

Flamingos # 3: Golden Teardrops & Carried Away

Flamingos # 4: If I Can't Have You

Flamingos # 5: Someday, Someway

Flamingos # 6: Plan for Love

Flamingos # 7: You Ain't Ready

Flamingos # 8: Hurry Home Baby

Flamingos # 9: Blues in a Letter & Jump Children

Flamingos # 10: September Song

Flamingos # 11: Listen to My Plea 

Flamingos # 12: Dream of a Lifetime

Flamingos # 13: On My Merry Way

Flamingos # 14: If I Could Love You

Flamingos # 15: I Really Don't Want to Know

Flamingos # 16: I'm Yours & Ko Ko Mo

Flamingos # 17: Get With It & I Found a New Baby

Two other posts help to fill out the picture:

"Virtually mistake-free": a doo wop group in the studio

Bill Putnam and Universal Recording

"Virtually mistake-free" ... includes accounts by singer Johnny Keyes of the Magnificents and saxophonist/bandleader Red Holloway of the tensions of vocal group recording sessions at the studio where the Flamingos cut their sides.

When I first began writing about the Flamingos' Chance and Parrot sides I didn't have a clear idea of the role played by Bill Putnam and his experimentation with echo and reverb effects. The second post attempts to rectify this. 

Main Sources:

Doowop: the Chicago Scene by Robert Pruter

Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks page on the Flamingos

The Chance Label (website) - Robert Pruter, Armin Buttner and Robert L Campbell

The Parrot and Blue Lake Labels (website) - Robert Pruter, Armin Buttner and Robert L Campbell

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