30 December 2009

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 7

(M/Dover, New Jersey)

While Donovan was trying to "Catch the Wind" while avoiding being "A Universal Soldier", we were still doo wopping it up over here, although on a much reduced basis from the Golden Days of the fifties.

I am floored by the tragic beauty some of the early through late fifties doo wop music exposes. The Flamingos (the ultimate group name in my opinion) cut some sides that were breathtakingly beautiful. Swallows, Ravens, and other birds of a feather, just sang their hearts out. The music is truly ethereal, transcendant, if you will, and to this day can transport one into the realm of the angels.

I think it's this ability to enter another world with a member of the opposite sex, which promotes bonding of an extraordinarily high order. When two lovers can share sips of champagne, delight in each other's physical prescence, and enter a magic world of spiritual delight simoultaneously via aural sensation, it is indeed memorable.

You can say all you want about the "trips" the sixties generation promulgated. Some of them were indeed fantastic, but I think the general state of pure pleasure via one's thinking apparratus was at an all time high in the fifties when doo wop was rampant . And all you needed as a chemical stimulant/tranquilizer was a little wine.

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