1 January 2010

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 46

(18/M/Lawrenceville, GA)

'Dis conversation just gets better with time!!

"In the Still of the Night" is one of 'dose songs nobody forgets whether 'dey heard it at a special time or not. The lyrics just transport yinz to a different place in time.

Although I can't see well enough to drive, I see myself sitting in a '57 T-Bird Convertable with my arms around someone special. I can't help it-It just comes over me every time!

Especially 'dis summer- I found myself in Minnesota on vacation. I was laying in bed in a room covered with 'dose Glow-in-'da-Dark stars. I was listening to my walkman & ITSOTN came on & I just went absolutely numb. I was transfixed by 'da wonder 'da song brang to me 'dat night. Very special moment-won't forget it ever!

Therefore, it is no small wonder 'dat ITSOTN happens to be a #1 Oldie time & time again.

As for "Unchained Melody"~1 have a special memory with 'dat song too. I was at 'da Homecoming dance a couple of years ago & had my first slow dance with an old girlfriend to 'da Righteous Bros version. We have since broken up (However we are still good friends). I heard many versions of 'da song since 'den. I especially like 'da Cookies version & Vito & Salutations version (although it's up-tempo).

Let's keep 'da conversation going! I really enjoy it!! :)

In Harmony
From 'Da Bop Shop,
Brian "Picksburgh's BD Bopper"

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