Friday, 1 January 2010

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 55

(M/Dover, New Jersey)

Ahh, sweet mystery of youth, that bygone day that lingers in memory like stale champagne the morning after, with no fizz left in the elegant half filled glass. Where has it gone? Is it really out of our lives forever, or can that sense of beauty be rekindled from a dying ember faintly glowing in the fireplace of our life? Has the mystery been solved by the passing of time?

No, I think not.

The fact that we cannot solve our "mystery" is the key factor in the process we call evolution. Everything evolves, and decays at the same time. As we grow and learn our bodies wither and weaken. Nature's cruel joke. Is there a point somewhere between youth and death at which we may find the optimal pivot point to balance the two opposing forces? Are we lucky enough to be at that place now, as the drama of middle age unfolds around us? Can the sense of wonder be restored now to bring our senses to reveal mysteries, even greater than first imagined?

If we as a collective entity can enrich our existence to the pitch of joy achieved in our youth, and then surpass it, is that not a miracle?

I believe it is possible. A secret revealed to very few; only those LUCKY enough to have the innate knowledge that transcends "conventional wisdom". Elite thought processes? Possibly, but more likely an open heart, an alert but relaxed mind, and a balance in life attained by understanding how the decades have given us opportunities to discover our real selves, is the reason.

Are you in this class? If you are still reading this, and fit the age category, you may be one of those, who despite what life throws at them, can conquer adversity, and use it to advantage.

You probably have a rich understanding of life's evolutionary process and can use memories of time past to help guide you to your future. One of shining brilliance, in the shadow of slowing echoing decay. Can we not, at this advanced moment in our time, still hope to be with Gloria In the Still of the Night?

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