Friday, 1 January 2010

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 57

(M/Dover, New Jersey)

We are what we are. Yes, I am afraid so. That also must be said for we are what we think we are.

And that's where the good news is. Our mind is an instrument capable of producing many moods, textures, colors, sounds, and responses to external stimuli. In a sense, like a mirror, reflecting that which enters the machine called mind. And it seems an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Think about that. Your mind a receptacle for whatever you wish to deposit. You have unlimited choices to decorate your house with. You can drive any kind of car you would like. You can pick any person in the world to befriend. The choices you make, and the life you lead reflects just who you really are.

If you choose to listen to music every day, and that music is our kind, namely doo wop, don't you think our thought process, and demeanor will reflect the ethos and art of that form? If we live in a world of our choosing, and we inhabit it with people with like desires and tastes, are we not engaging in harmony. Isn't harmony the keystone of doo wop?

The beauty of blending voices, working together to achieve a collective work of art, to be enjoyed by an audience, as well as the singers themselves. If ideals of group harmony, namely, peace, and love and an atmosphere of togetherness are part of our every day "input", can the very way we conduct our lives be very different than that? We are what we think we are. We are what we listen to. We choose what we do in our lives. What a wonderful system! Each of us has the opportunity to choose A Doo Wop Life. Yes Tony, we are what we are!

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