Friday, 1 January 2010

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 58

(42/M/London, England)


As ever, I'm prompted to respond - in fact, I'm going to respond - but the great luxury of the last four days - ie no work - has come to an end and it's 11 .30pm in "real" (always inverted commas) time for me so I’ll have to pick the thread up tomorrow. But yes, harmony, unity - the blending of those five personalities... but I have to stop or I'll go on (logically enough). Odd having these two separate time frames ... but there I go again. Someone on this board asked for a standardised "Doowop Time." sadly, the tick-ticking of a more banal system is coming towards me - a bit like Captain Hook's nemesis - to whom the only response can be Bobby Charles's: "See you later ...

I have omitted the times from these reprinted messages for precisely that reason. And as posts were written over such a short period of time - 19th September-1st October 2000 - I also felt dates would be a distraction.

JM Barrie invented what we would now call a backstory for Captain Hook - confusingly, I found this online version on a fanfiction board, but it is Barrie's work, as I read it years ago in a book of essays. Peter and Wendy, Barrie's own novel written after the stage play, is darker than the numerous retellings. Hook's nemesis? Read chapter five.

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