Friday, 1 January 2010

Doo Wop Dialog[ue]: 66

(87/F/Wyoming, PA)

You give a great description of what it was like back when. I often wondered, from a female perspective, did we fall in love with the guy at the time or with the music that was playing? Many a times, I'd hear a tune and be dancing with a guy in high school and suddenly, I'm in love with the guy. Especially if they were playing, "Symbol of Love" - G-Clefs or something of that nature. As soon as one learns about the guy, love peters out. Compatibility was just not there.

Other times, the guy showed so much interest in a gal while the music was playing. You guys know. He'd say wonderful things while dancing, show you lots of attention and then boom - he'd be out in the parking lot of our high school, trying to pull a "funny". It seems like sex was the only thing on his mind from the beginning. Gals in those days, at least this one, was looking for something else. I think it was called "Marriage and living happily ever after".

It seems that back when, the music travelled down two roads - one road for the guys and another road for the gals. You brought out another aspect to the guys point of view that maybe it wasn't really two roads we were travelling and made me realize the guys had other feelings too. I concluded many years later, that the music brought on the feelings. After all, when you’re 16 years old, how can you not get emotionally involved with songs such as "You" or "I'm So In Love" by Infascinations or "Wonderful Girl"?

Dave is going to love the fact that you mentioned "You".


Dave Goddard - aka aquatone58 - was a member of the Doo Wop Shop.

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