Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cheapo Cheapo Records Latest - much the same

I was about to post this entry, all excited, when I realised that I was taking the information from a copy of Record Collector dated ... October 2009. It was an ad for a music fair in Brighton at which Cheapo's vinyl stock was being sold.
It's described as "Legendary collectors shop closed recently after 40 years in the Biz" - and given the date of publication that must have been fairly soon after the closure.

And just think about that for a moment: 40 years. Assuming Phil owned Cheapo for all that time, 40 years of dealing with punters must be enough to test anyone's patience.

The ad for Cheapo's stock on the Gumtree website is still there, still being renewed, so the stock, or most of it, must still be available; find the most recent Gumtree posting (31st July) here. I can only say that if you like vinyl and you live near Alperton (Hangar Lane tube) the records are being offered for a pound each - less if you buy in quantity - and it would be good to think of them being listened to again.

If you have newly alighted on this blog, follow the Cheapo Cheapo saga by going here and starting at the bottom.

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