Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Radio programme featuring the Flamingos' Chance recordings

If you have explored further than the most recent posts in this blog, you will know that it was set up to archive posts from a doo wop messageboard, and that a favourite subject of those messages was the Flamingos' recording of Golden Teardrops. This was recorded for the small Chicago label Chance, before the group went to Parrot Records then found success at Chess Records.

There were no hits until they went to Chess, but the sides for Chance are among my faves, with jazzy, bluesy backing. While nothing matches Golden Teardrops, there are plentiful delights among the other sides. You get a peerless harmony group plus a band made up of musos who can swing plenty good, sounding both loose and tight, with lots of subtle details which repay repeated listening. There are sites which concentrate on the band rather than the vocal groups they backed.

If you want a quick intro to the Flamingos at their very best, try this Matt the Cat programme from his Juke in the Back series, which features ALL the Flamingos' Chance work, A and B sides plus their version of September Song, unreleased at the time. Search Flamingos in labels on the right for rather more, but if you haven't heard the group beyond  I Only Have Eyes For You, before, this programme may be a revelation. Matt provides a summary of their early career in between records. Listen to it here.

And as Matt says, for more about the Flamingos Unca Marvy's site, here, is highly recommended.  And why not check out Marv's book about the Ink Spots, here? (Honest, Marv, I've bought a copy - just waiting for it to be delivered.)

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