Thursday, 7 February 2013

Spector trial film

It may sound like a premature April Fool, but according to Rolling Stone magazine Al Pacino is to costar with Helen Mirren in an HBO (ie TV) film on March 24th about Phil Spector's trial, written by David Mamet, and here is the trailer to prove it:

The Guardian's deconstruction of the film still reproduced top, here

Pacino on playing Spector here. Some extracts:

I wouldn't put myself in a position to talk about who he was, since I played him as what I believe David Mamet wrote [...] What the writer does is fictionalize the real character, so there's a kind of revisionism going on. You really don't know. [...] I didn't visit him, I didn't meet him, because he's in prison. He's already been convicted. [...] I didn't try simply because I thought it's a different Phil Spector now. What I could get from him in the amount of time usually we have to do these things, I don't know that it would have -- I wanted to follow another route. ... It didn't matter so much, because what was there was written. That was the truth of the drama, not necessarily of the reality.

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