Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cuddles IS Vindice ...

Have just read that Cuddles the monkey is preparing for the lead role of Vindice in a new production of The Revenger's Tragedy. This is his first foray into Jacobean revenge tragedy - and, indeed, his first straight acting role after a career spent largely in variety and panto. It is also his first project away from longtime associate Keith Harris. 

There is no rancour between the two, however. In fact, a few days ago a beaming Harris was happy to talk to press about his friend's progress at rehearsals, and how he is dealing with the new challenge of learning such a substantial part. 

"He's not off-book yet," Harris admitted to a journalist who voiced what appeared to be a general concern about the monkey's lack of formal training, "but the director says he's very pleased with his progress and  he's already got to the essence of his character's motivation: 'I hate that duke.' "

Cuddles will be appearing in The Revenger's Tragedy in June-July at the National Theatre - details here.

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