Saturday, 13 April 2013

Round Britain Rejects # 3

To find the hometown of a female authority on the longevity of Lucy's accessories, put muddy feet on a victorious leaf.

To identify a female authority on the companionable qualities of said accessories, bid a guttering farewell to Bobby's alleged girl (amongst others).

A former drifter could be instrumental to this answer - unless, that is, you'd prefer a bunch of fake gladiolas associated with another leaf.


  1. Brian O'Connell14 April 2013 at 14:54

    1. Liverpool. Lucy in the sky with Diamonds
    2. Marilyn Monroe. Diamonds are a girls best friend. (Bobby=Kennedy)
    3. Jet Harris. Diamonds (Hit single)

    Brian O'Connell

    1. Not bad! Three out of six.

      But the female authority on the longevity of Lucy's accessories was not Lucy herself. And longevity is not mentioned in that Beatles song. No, it's Shirley Bassey who opined that Diamonds are Forever, and she came from Tiger Bay - Mud's Tiger Feet, and the bay laurel was associated with victory in Ancient Greece and Roman.

      Congratulations on getting Jet Harris - the "former drifter" bit might have put some people off the scent - though you didn't get the alternative question: the Canadian group the Diamonds (hence associated with the maple leaf) covered the Gladiolas' Little Darling.