Monday, 15 April 2013

Round Britain Rejects # 4

Find an abode suitable for a Cockney dancing partner reluctant to accept direction, an artistic creature of habit, and a seamstress of the penumbral.


  1. Brian O'Connell15 April 2013 at 08:28

    On the street where you live, (My Fair Lady,) The Nun's Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, (Moon River)= Three films of Audrey Hepburn.

    1. Wrong, wrong, wrong! But ingenious.

      The "abode" relates to all three parts of the question.
      Don't think Holly Golightly was a seamstress, metaphorically or otherwise. But the seamstress in question is a literal one.
      "Penumbra" means partly lighted shadow, or shadow on the edge of light.

      I won't put up the answer yet in case you or anyone else wishes to have a go. Get one part of the question right, and everything should fall into place.

  2. seamstress of penumbral - witch? Season of the witch? Needle in a Haystack - the Marvelettes? Someone who "seems/seams"? A shadowy figure? Rhiannon, as in Fleetwood Mac?

    Artistic creature of habit - Mick Fleetwood - allegiance to the blues.

    Cockney dancing partner -anita dobson (angie in eatenders), so Brian May. Not sure how you get a Fleetwood Mac connection, though.

    And their abode is in shadow or soemthing like that. Oh, Brian May is an astronomer, so it's about stars and magic.

    1. Are you being served by your imagination? That's what you need to ask yourself. Neither Mac nor May are involved.

      Think about "direction" and what words that might suggest.
      Think, too, about "habit." And how that might link with "artistic."

      If you get those two, the third might be easier. There is a play which has recently opened in London featuring two stars, one old, one young, which is not unrelated to the third segment.

  3. Doesn't look like there will be more replies, so here are those answers in full:

    Future Eastender Wendy Richard was Mike Sarne's dancing partner who resisted his urging to Come Outside. (And I did ask our anonymous contributor if he or she was "being served" by his or her imagination, which was a big hint.)
    Sister Wendy is a Nun and an art critic.
    Wendy Darling sewed Peter Pan's shadow back on (a play called Peter and Alice is currently playing in the West End about the real life originals for Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland).
    And their abode would have to be ... a Wendy House.
    I thangyew.