Friday, 19 April 2013

Round Britain Rejects # 6

Okay, this is a fiendish one, and shall be the last for a while. Pretty certain this is one which was actually despatched to the programme, though I have striven to make it more accessible. Honest. I was going to say you need to get the first part first, but now I've revised the question I think you can start anywhere. 

Addressing a female creator of bovine pastries more formally than usual may call this man's nemesis to mind, relatively speaking.

But why might situating him at the end of a Mayfair shopping mall out him as a late riser?

Alternatively, if a hound from the Daily Mail followed behind, why might that effect a Spanish transformation to his name - at least, if you hail from the North of England?

Disclaimer: No responsibility can be accepted for damage caused to computer screens by the frustrated pounding of participants' fists accompanied by what sounds suspiciously like crying.

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