Monday, 13 May 2013

Round Britain Rejects # 7: answer

As with the previous question, the answer, if you have given up all hope of alighting on it naturally, is below - but you have to make the choice to click. No one's forcing you. I think this one is a good 'un and fairly set out. I think.

Okay, you chose to click. Ready?

The American professor is the perenially upbeat Professor Longhair, which gives us LONG.

Freddie (the manically grining bespectacled leader) pulled down the shorts of the Dreamers (alright, alright, I was wrong to say combinations) as part of the routine for the song Short Shorts, enshrined in the film What a Crazy World, which gives us SHORT.

If you are "furnished" with a boy, that has to be a tallboy, ie a dresser, giving us TALL.

"Thrice blessed" as in the lyrics of the wartime song:
Bless 'em all, bless 'em all,
The long and the short and the tall.
That all seems perfectly logical and reasonable to me.

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