Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Round Britain Rejects is back!

Alright, this wasn't actually sent to Round Britain Quiz, as I only thought of it just now, when I should have been doing other things. And it isn't the most complex question in the world. But it's there, and it may provide a few moments' diversion.

If Marillion and the Tremeloes offer a lead and the Newbeats' enthusiasm addresses a side issue, why might an American hip hop group provide a less than ideal accompaniment?


  1. Brian OConnell5 July 2013 at 12:23

    Marillion=Fish. Tremeloes=Chip (Hawkes) Newbeats=Bread and butter
    Hip Hop Band = Black eyed peas

    So, Fish and chip(s), bread and butter and black eyed peas.

    Cheers, Brian OConnell

  2. Technically you ought to have pointed out that the peas were less than ideal as they weren't mushy (or green) but I think that has to be six points. Well done - unless that was too easy, perhaps.