Monday, 12 August 2013

Bizarre Beatles Coincidences to be published in America!

There has already been interest from America in publishing Bizarre Beatles Coincidences as a proper book, with an advance offered and everything. Which is bit embarrassing, as I've only written the stuff that's in the previous post. On the other hand, how long would it take to write another 90,000 words or so?

They are quite insistent on new packaging, which I suppose is fair enough, given that they're paying for everything and I mocked up the earlier one in two minutes. Using Paint. But their proposed cover looks a bit tasteful to me. And what's wrong with "William"? Even if it is a nom de beat. Okay, let's rattle something out ...

Another AMAZING Beatle coincidence: after he left the Beatles Paul McCartney the song Another Day. So what? you might say. But what no one seems to have remarked upon before is that Blue Monday, also a day of the week, but a more specific one, was recorded by Fats Domino, whose style was copied for the song Lady Madonna. Coincidence - or something more disturbing?

Right, another 80, 910 words to go.

AND there's more to come. The song refers to "Dipping in the pocket of her raincoat." An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down was the name of an early Rod Stewart LP - and a few short years later Rod recorded Mine For Me, written by ... Paul McCartney. Did that just happen randomly, then? As if!

And there are more chilling connections with the Faces, Rod's old band. Ronnie Lane used to sing Maybe I'm Amazed, Maybe I'm Not (It's None of Your Business), an uncharacteristically aggressive Macca number*, and on his first solo album he recorded ... Blue Monday! Coincidence? You know my feelings on the matter now. (That must be another couple of hundred words at least.)

My deadline is Tuesday of next week. It'll be a doddle. If I do flag I'll get in touch with Geoffrey Giuliano as he seems to specialise in this kind of thing.

* Acknowledgements and apologies to Mark Shipper

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