Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hey There Lonely Girl by the Kenyon College Chasers featuring Nathan

If you have read much of this blog - no, no, why should you, absolutely; but if, as I say -and the thing is remotely possible - you have, then you will know that the clip embedded here is not something that I should, in the normal course of things, like.

But like it I do. The lead is no Eddie Holman, though he certainly does his best towards the end, and there is also a pleasing moment, about halfway in, of what, in this particular context, appears to amount to raw, untramelled emotion  when our hero threatens to remove his glasses: without them, apparently, we're helpless. (anyone else remember Fearless Fly?)

For those already tiring of such shenanigans, find a post here about Eddie Holman; the rest of you awake your faith and prepare for marvels - or at least a charming couple of minutes' diversion.. I've been, et cetera, et cetera; goodnight.

Find out about Kenyon College, Ohio, here.
Find out about the Kenyon College Chasers (motto: "We Sing Good") here.
Eddie Holman's website here.

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